Designer Marine Bustros Talks About Noura’s New Flagship Boutique

One of Lebanon’s most loved pastry and chocolate brand just celebrated their 70th anniversary. Noura celebrates its milestone with a new flagship boutique in Downtown that refelcts a more modern and uplifted identity. takes a minute with Marine Bustros, the interior designer behind the new boutique.

The boutique’s innovative design combines age-old tradition and modern-day novelty, via tones of wood and copper. Designed by Marine Bustros, the boutique is a chic, inviting space that displays chocolates and pastries in a unique way. The new concept will be applied in the existing stores in Beirut and all future new branches opening as of next year.

Owners Julien and Pierre Khabbaz gave Bustros the opportunity to participate in a close contest to create the concept of the new boutique in Downtown while respecting the traditional signature of the brand.

“The new design is sober and elegant giving way for Noura’s famous products to stand out in a modern and appealing way. The ceiling is a major point of attraction, structured as shavings of chocolate hanging above us, creating a special atmosphere,” says Bustros. The interior design explains that the choice of walnut wood for the displays was chosen to give an elegant and warm touch,  while linking the classic to the modern.

The colors and material used in the interior, including brown, copper and light pink, all are reminiscent of Noura’s iconic box.

The retail space includes pastry, chocolates, bakery, ice cream, customized cakes and a selection of gift ideas.

The new flagship boutique is just the beginning for Noura. The new and uplifted look will soon be applied on all existing stores and the seems to be plans for more expansion. It will surely be an exciting journey ahead as we guide Noura’s development for the next decades.

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