Designer Tony Ward Hosts Two Lebanese Artists In-House

As part of an initiative supporting arts and creativity, fashion designer Tony Ward is hosting two artists in-house. Two different worlds collide; the serene poetic paintings of Nada Matta beautifully, mixed with the dynamic and playful steel installations of Nayla Kai Saroufim.

Nada Matta’s captivating paintings highlight a particular theme under the title “Racines En Vol”; they tell of leaves and tree trunks in an incredible concentration of stains and lines. Sometimes abstract and sometimes closer to reality, her work is very detail-oriented. The paintings are often pure black and white, occasionally mixed with unexpected touches of colours.

As for Nayla Kai Saroufim’s fascinating installations, it is the story of a playful invasion of her characters in Tony Ward’s showroom. Brought to life under Nayla’s touch, they appear in expected and unexpected places all over the showroom starting with the vitrine and through three floors, disrupting the usual routine of the Tony Ward building.

Nada Matta and Nayla Kai Saroufim

The exhibition will last until May 31st in the Tony Ward headquarters in Achrafieh.

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