Dior’s Vernis Couture Effet Gel Collection – The Future of Nail Polish

Dior launches its first Vernis Couture Effet Gel Collection. The new range features 21 shades, some of them are actually some of Dior classics for years – the only difference is that these timeless colors are reinterpreted, offering extreme shine thanks to the intense purity of resins associate with a Techno -Polymer Technology from the laminated glass that creates smoothness and shine.


And that’s not all. The enriched organic silicon formula strengthens the surface of the nail for an optimized grip, while the adhesion properties of the high-tech polymer create an invisible fusion between the nail and the nail polish creating a long-lasting effect.The brush was also reinvented, it’s more flexible, substantially longer, rounded and flat cutting able to pick up the perfect amount of varnish for a flawless application.


Another plus of this new formula is the 80% natural origin of the ingredients and contains no phthalates, toluene, formaldehyde and synthetic camphor.


There’s a color for every mood, taste and outfit… Enjoy!


The Dior Vernis Couture Effet Gel collection will be launched in April 2014.

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