Discover Our ‘Coup de Coeur’ at Beirut Design Fair 2018

Talented designers from Lebanon are fast moving to the top… and FashionRepublik is working around the clock to get to know them all, hear their stories, and learn about their inspirations – to share them with you. Thanks to the team behind Beirut Design Fair, our job was made easier as they housed the creme de la creme of young and rising creatives from Lebanon under one roof. It’s not only about the beautiful pieces we spot, but the process and emotions behind them, and this is what makes all the difference to us. Check out some of our ‘coup de coeur’ pieces created by amazing designers with a bright future, and see for yourself why we loved them that much. Let’s meet them…

Nuance by George Geara

Discover how George Geara translates feelings to music in Nuance. What’s Nuance we ask George… It is a series of modules made of different materials and functions, when put together creates a unique multipurpose table… “Music and design are inherently interrelated, they both are forms of calculated expression. As a musician, naturally driven by the rhythm, I concertized my conception into sequenced modularities; once connected they create a set of customized, multifunctional object … the Nuance. This  table challenges proportions, peak the curiosity and add personality to any space.

Mawsam by Ziad Abi Karam

We’re loving the multiple purpose furniture by architect Ziad Abi Karam, Mawsam. Handmade, each Mawsam piece is unique, encapsulating Lebanon’s rich cultural legacy and modern design flair. Mawsam has created five distinctive pieces, each harking back to Lebanese traditions while providing a window into the future. The new pieces of furniture have multiple uses: an armchair becomes a rocking chair, while a screen both divides a room and acts as a three-way mirror. The patterns adorning each piece are inspired by the tiles once found inside Lebanese palaces, churches and mosques, in a timeless expression of contemporary heritage.

Saccal Design House

33.8 North | 35.5 East Beirut… A conversation that never ends… A collision that never stops… An interruption from within… The collection from Saccal Design House exposes the never ending clash between Beirut city and its inhabitants. A city that is in constant flux; its chaotic nature forcing its inhabitants to yield to its will. The designers, Nour and Maysa Saccal express this chaotic nature in two main materials: concrete and metal (the major building blocks that form the city of Beirut). The clashing geometries and materials in the designs express the struggle between man and the city – a struggle that is never solved and continues ever.

Avocado Tables by George Mohasseb

Flowers, trees, fruits and vegetables often inspire the world of Lebanese designer George Mohasseb, he uses real organic form to produce infinite designs in in wood, metal and resin. Here, we discover his super light table called “Avocado”. This limited edition piece is made of cast resin and liquid metal, tainted directly in the mass, this piece is reminiscent of an avocado cut in half. Only 144 pieces, 4 colors and 4 sizes.

Architecture 1%

Two iconic pieces at the Beirut Design Fair from Architecture 1% turn heads at the fair. The two pieces epitomizes the 1% identity. To best describe this identity we ask Architecture 1% about it. “We refuse the culture of standardization, the relentless quest of the #instagrammable, in a digitized and impersonal world. Because we believe that each building, space, and object is unique. Because we value handcraftsmanship and seek to combine expert and artisanal competence, to design buildings, spaces, and objects with a purpose, a soul, and a strong identity. Because we believe this is the way forward to provide solutions for the architecture that will become tomorrow’s heritage,” they explain.

Made of hand-assembled and hand-painted laser cut plywood, the “Chaise Escabeau” is a tribute to Piet Mondrian and Gerrit Rietveld. It reflects their love of the great and ever-inspiring Bauhaus era and the modernists. When the back of the chair is rotated, it transforms into a stepladder.

Another piece of theirs with its curvy steel lines and voluptuous leather feel, is the “Chaise Corset”, which is an invitation to sensuality. It is a provocative piece which depicts the architects’ passion for raw materials and structural precision, natural ergonomics and masterful handcraftsmanship.

Sahar Bizri Designs

Meeting Sahar Bizri is a breath of fresh air. The Lebanese Interior Architect and product designer introduces functional home furniture and accessories that combine innovative mechanics and contemporary design. What we love about her work is the clean, fine and smooth lines that define each of her pieces that show a high-end finishing. A favorite of ours is her smiley chair.

 Chloe Chalhoub

Intricate hand drawn art of Lebanese graphic designer and illustrator, Chloe Chalhoub ceramic plates can not be missed at the BDF. She shows two collections of her newly illustrated ceramic plates she calls: Dans la Foret & Dans la Mer. The artwork is first drawn and then reproduced on the plate by silkscreen printing. There are three different sizes of plates in both of the collections and each of them are part of a black and white story.

Beirut Design Fair runs until tomorrow September 23 at Seaside Arena Beirut. Go down and get to meet these designers and others.

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