Draw The Line: Nada Debs Pushes Craft to Another Level

Simple. Geometric. Fresh colours. Nada Debs has launched a new range of furniture and accessories under the banner name – Draw The Line.

Draw The Line is a distinct step forward for Nada Debs towards a more contemporary design aesthetic.


The concept is literally to ‘draw the line’ between using tradition Arabesque patterns and presenting a more modern design language in the form of furniture and home accessories. Each piece in this collection is meticulously crafted with the favored material of Debs: mother of pearl. However, the craft is pushed to another level.

While using a material that is a product of Middle Eastern craft, Nada Debs manages to apply it following the ‘less is more’ Japanese philosophy, intricately inlaying it in a linear direction and subtler manner. The craft is also transformed from decorative into a more practical form as the mother of pearl lines serve as openings or concealed handles leading to open the drawers of pure genius designs.even more minimalistic approach. It symbolizes parting with the past and moving onto an innovative way of looking at craft.


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