Eco-Friendly Castorette Jewelry Expresses Love for Lebanon

French accessories brand Castorette Paris brings edge and contemporary appeal in a green package. Benoît Viallon is a French designer from the National School of Industrial Design. After 10 years of experience within the luxury industry, Viallon felt he had acquired a unique knowledge of women’s style and beauty. His hard-earned experience came together with his attention to details and his travels that to create his vision, and a skill for discovering unexpected shapes. The result is Castorette Paris “a new form of handcrafted digital art”.

Fun, funky, Castorette Paris’ lines are full of pieces such as their cassettes inspired by their love of Beirut and rings in the form of headphones. Edgy, cool and definitely contemporary, the French firm has its finger on the pulse of young, vibrant fashion.

Castorette Paris takes its inspiration from animals like the beaver, who are able to build incredible structures using nothing but natural materials. Like them, the brand uses an innovative production process to design complex shapes that are impossible to achieve through a classical industrial process.

Castorette Paris is an ecologically-friendly brand because each and every product is tailor-made. This approach is inspired by a desire to create unique pieces, but also by the need to protect the environment whenever we can. By making on-demand products Castorette Paris do not generate stock or produce more than they need and as a result, there is no extra waste.

The brand only produces what they can sell, meaning happy clients and happy beavers.

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