Eli Rezkallah Expresses the Power of Lebanese Women

Lebanese Eli Rezkallah takes inspiration in the power and stoicism of Lebanese women amid difficult circumstances. Taking their natural power and sure footedness, Rezkallah’s work highlights the individual living in harsh, testing environments.

Let Them Bubble Gum @Eli Rezkallah

Eli Rezkallah is a fashion and fine-art photographer, video director and artist Founder and Creative Director of Plastik Magazine and Plastik Studios. Rezkallah’s love of creativity and art started at a very young age.

Kaleidoscope @Eli Rezkallah

Having grown up in a secluded oasis in the middle of war-torn Lebanon, he was always surrounded by women who were constantly putting on a good face and deliberately turning a blind eye towards their country’s tense social-political situation.

Tea Time @Eli Rezkallah

Rezkallah’s work is a visual representation of women in denial and the measures they take to escape reality, and to recreate their own. No matter how colorful and vibrant they would paint their world, they could never hide the sentiment of dread that they felt from living in an environment on the verge of destruction.

The Love Cats @Eli Rezkallah

Rezkallah’s work typically juxtaposes pure and flawless beauty with off-putting melancholia and lethargy. His subjects, styled with razor-sharp meticulousness and placed in surreal settings, feel stoic and empty; unimaginative souls lost in a most imaginary world.

High on Art @Eli Rezkallah

Rezkallah is represented by ArtStar, founded by Chrissy Crawford Corredor in 2010 to make the art market more accessible and add the ease of e-commerce to the art collecting process.

Suddenly the Koon is Me @Eli Rezkallah

Crawford started her career at the Aspen Art Museum then changed to commercial galleries in Aspen, CO. In 2005 she moved to London to complete a Masters in Art Business at Sotheby’s Institute and worked for a London based art advisory. Crawford came to New York in 2007 to open her own art advisory firm. She noticed a gap in the market between generic wall décor and investment art sold through galleries and ArtStar was born.

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