Emilio Pucci Celebrated in Giant Mannequins

Emilio Pucci and mannequin pioneer Bonaveri came together during Pitti Immagine Uomo to celebrate history and innovation in an exhibition exploring collective creativity and craftsmanship.

Palazzo Pucci in Florence was venue for the event held from the 12th until the 15th June. Bonaveri, through its own artisanal skill will tell the story of Emilio Pucci’s heritage and future. Bonaveri’s mannequins and bust forms become the leading characters in a series of installations that explore the Pucci universe, demonstrating the brands significant role in the visual arts.

Bonaveri and Pucci have commissioned Emma Davidge – Creative Director of Chameleon Visual – to create an exhibition which leads the viewer through a series of installations that marry the aesthetic of each brand.

The journey through the exhibition highlights Pucci’s design principles set against the unique interiors and renaissance architecture of Palazzo Pucci.

The courtyard hosted a number of over-sized mannequins and one of Bonaveri’s ‘Schläppi Giants’ wrapped in Pucci’s iconic ‘Vivara’ print. On the second floor of the Palazzo was Pucci’s immense colour library where a series of velvet coloured mannequins wear select accessories from the Pucci archive.

The story continued with a homage to Pucci’s continuing quest to enable the freedom of movement, told in a humorous installation of wind-swept black and white archival Pucci prints.

The ‘Sala Bianca’, the legendary palace ballroom, hosted a series of ironic installations that reflect the five material elements adopted by Pucci during his career.

Bonaveri’s artisanal excellence was on display on the ground floor of the Palazzo. Previously the home of the Emilio Pucci embroidery ateliers, this area reveals the inner workings of Bonaveri’s skilled creative team.

Divided into three chapters; The Cutting Room; The Sewing Room and The Miniature Workshop – the rooms are complete with an in-house atelier where Bonaveri’s artisans bring the Pucci mannequins to life.

The journey ended with a visit to Marquis Emilio Pucci’s studio, where personal memorabilia are displayed, leading to the fitting room where a group of baby mannequins were watching over the spectacle of archived pieces.

This project was the result of a conversation between Emma Davidge, creative director of Chameleon Visual, and Laudomia Pucci, who wanted to create a contemporary and innovative exhibition that reflects the rich history and savoir-faire shared between each Maison.

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