Equip’Hotel 2018: MHNA Studio Takes Us Back Stage

Walking through Equip’Hotel you’re amazed by the details, the people, the creativity and the innovations behind the world of hospitality. The trade show, which recently took place at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, was definitely an eye opener for us. Appreciating the efforts that goes on behind the scene of hospitality is something to admire and appreciate.  FashionRepublik sits with Marc Hertrich & Nicolas Adnet from MHNA Studio to discuss this view and learn more on how they paid tribute to the ones behind the scenes.

The duo from Paris are dedicated to a real fascination to all the details and people that make up the world of hospitality.

The designers transformed Resto des Chefs at Studio 18 into an enchanting world of flowers, forest, colors… something they call the Hedonistic Bloom. The aim was to create a stage and all the happens behind the scenes.

Struck by the similarities that exist between that of the world of hospitality and that of the world of the show, the designers, show that the two universes share the same goal. Each offers unique moments and provides new memories. Both parties work hard behind the scenes in order to offer guests magic on stage.

“It was important for us to show people how things come together… how people in the back are working hard for the pleasure of those experiencing. They may be invisible but without them there would be nothing,” explain the designers.

The space is imagined as spectacle, with a meeting bar, gourmet restaurant and VIP lounge. Throughout the day, visitors can eat, drink, work, all in a colorful décor with a timeless, dream- like atmosphere that looks like an enchanted garden populated with oversized flowers.

Words and feelings are evident on the floor and walls. Tables mark the entrance under the light of an incredible crystal chandelier. Other chandeliers, higher up, draw a labyrinth to get lost and to savor the present moment. On both sides, salons frame the space – scenic – central.

There is no scene without a backstage: the bar and the open kitchen are arranged in a spirit of backstage, a decorated storeroom where objects and accessories are kept. In the same vein, the VIP space adapts the atmosphere of artists’ dressing rooms.

The aim of Studio Marc Hertrich & Nicolas Adnet is always to design places as experiences, inviting visitors to new and memorable adventures. “It’s our job as interior designers to create dreams, to come up with a concept and find a way to reach people with memorable thoughts and visions no matter,” they insist.

When asked about the trends to look out for in the new year, MHNA Studio highlight the fact that there is no one specific trend to look out for this coming year. “The most important thing is to create a space that resembles you, your character and what you love. Following certain trends that don’t suit your personality will look cold. Warmth is achieved only when you create something that represents you.

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