Every Day is an Unexpected Adventure: Limited Edition Backpack

For the urban traveller, the cities of the world provide adventure, discovery and a wealth of opportunities.  Designed as a fine leather companion for city life, the new Urban Spirit Backpack mirrors the multi-faceted lifestyle of today’s explorer. Made of soft-to-the-touch black Italian leather with a slightly waxy feel and sophisticated matt effect, the backpack is equipped with a side compartment for the storage of a laptop, a dedicated pocket for a phone with see-through holes for headphones, a satellite system, and reflective bands. With a simple and quick adjustment, this versatile piece can be transformed into a document case as its owner transitions from leisure to business and back throughout the day.

???????????????????????????To guide him around the streets, the experience-seeking adventurer arms himself with a map of the city’s subway, metro or transit system. As an ultimate symbol of urban mobility, these colourful and iconic maps with their diagrammatic look are the inspiration for a series of limited edition storm covers designed for the new multi-functional Urban Spirit Backpack.  The series features the transit map of one the major metropolis transport networks: New York City, Seoul, Paris and London.

RSantoroWhile the colour-coded diagrams illustrate the routes and stations of these public transport systems, they are also considered as inspired works of art. Limited to just five pieces for each city design, the personalized storm covers perfectly enfolds the Urban Spirit Backpack, giving the fine leather piece an added layer of protection against the elements.

Because every day is an unexpected adventure that requires reliability and flexibility, the Urban Spirit Backpack with city maps brings functionality with easy navigation to the modern traveller. A perfect twist given to a timeless leather piece by pairing functional purpose and stylish design for urban exploration.

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