Fabiano Leone’s Creative Art Takes Us Around the World

Lebanese-Italian artist Fabiano Leone’s work encompasses the world as he moves from place to place, capturing poignant images of nature, people and emotion. Working largely in collages, this talented artist is both creative and versatile.

At the beginning of the 1980’s, Leone lived with his younger sister and mother in Algiers, “The markets, animated streets, and various cities were very inspiring. We left Algeria and started a new life around the world … Rome, Paris, Morocco, Turkey Kenya… as my mother had become an administrative officer of the United Nations. This bohemian life was a big source of inspiration a few years later…,” he said.

Leone’s work with Arabic calligraphy started in Barcelona where he lived from 2000 to 2005. “I wanted to decorate my new house with words from Gibran Khalil Gibran…a way for me to have a little piece of Lebanon while far from my family,” he expressed.

Back in Beirut he exhibited his work alongside his mother, who also paints. Leone was happy and surprised by the feedback he received.

The Tree, his incredible series, started ten years ago in Singapore. “While walking around the city I took a picture of a big tree and decide to paint it when I got back home. On a big canvas, 180×180, I decided to stick on some Singaporean newspapers and paint the tree. The collage of newspaper gives the tree trunk some texture,” he said.

Over the years the collection has grown, with trees from Tokyo, Beirut, Johannesburg, Shanghai, Rome, Byblos, and San Francisco joining the collection. In a further evolution, while Leone took pictures of trees around the world he often had the chance to meet people and capture special moments and his Funky Faces collection was born; Orange Flamingo is a picture he took of a little girl holding her Flamingo swimming ring around the pool in Punta Cana. Mon Poisson is of a young beautiful lady selling fish at a market in Abidjan, it’s a fun, funky collection.

What the future holds, Leone will not say, but it is sure to be fun.

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