Fendi’s Iconic Peekaboo Freezes in Resin Block

Fendi celebrates the 10-year anniversary of its iconic Peekaboo bag by working with international designers, who have reinterpreted the Peekaboo, transforming it into design masterpieces. We check out one of the designers work, Dutch Sabine Marcelis, and know more about her masterpiece for Fendi.

For the 10th anniversary of the Peekaboo bag, Sabine Marcelis has chosen to freeze the design within a resin block. By only encapsulating the lower volume of the bag, a hint of functionality is preserved within this new sculptural object. The translucent resin color exaggerates the three-dimensionality of the shape frozen within.

The initiative includes American designer Chris Wolston, Japanese designer Kiichiro Ogawa, Chinese Oscar Wang, and Korean Teo Yang, along with Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis. They have been given carte blanche to customize the iconic handbag, created in 2008 for the Spring/Summer 2009 Collection.

The five Designer-customized Peekaboo bags bows at the FENDI boutique in the Design District and is displayed on special podiums in hues of yellow designed by Sabine Marcelis herself.

Since 2008 FENDI has been supporting limited edition creativity and design through its partnership with Design Miami in Miami, Milan and Basel. The Roman luxury house shares important values with the design world, such as boundless creativity, excellence, quality and a passion for making things by hand. Each collaboration developed since then has represented a wonderful admixture and « contamination » between design and fashion, highlighting their creative, functional, experimentation and research affinities.

This marks the first step of a global program which will be rolled out worldwide throughout 2019.

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