Flower Vases Take a Colorful Geometric Form

Homage to Bauhaus is this wonderful new collection of vases from Beatrix Li-Chin Loos. Simple, clean and appealing, the series inspires, showing just what is possible with the use of seemingly uncomplicated process and approaches.

Beatrix Li-Chin Loos, was born in Germany, of Taiwanese and German origin and lives and works in Strasbourg. Settled in the South of France, Li-Chin Loos started using scraps of wood to make her first pieces. Chut! de bois, her first collection, was presented at the Parcours du Design 2009 in Strasbourg. Very quickly she combined wood with other materials like cardboard and leather: Chut! Collections was born.


Having always had a predilection for geometric forms and colors, it was high time for the designer to pay homage to the Bauhaus Movement which she had loved since her early childhood.

The idea was to create a design with very simple forms. When Li-Chin Loos was a student of architecture, a project consisted of creating a building with two squares, an exercise which she never forgot and which became a starting point in the creation process for this new series.

The simpler the shape, the trickier it is to find good design. To solve the problem Li-Chin Loos returned to her childhood, playing with wooden squares like a child who plays with building blocks and wants to build a house. A new collection of vases was born. Like miniature architecture, simple, lucid and colorful.

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