FR Takes You Around NOMAD’s Must-See in Monaco

NOMAD returns to Monaco…. New furniture pieces and artworks will preview at the event, alongside rare and unique works by emerging and established artists from across the globe. Back in Monaco from 26th to 29th April 2018, FashionRepublik takes you around La Vigie, Karl Lagerfeld’s former Monte Carlo residence.

Nilufar Gallery pieces, selected by Nina Yashar for the third edition of NOMAD, includes Chaise Maurice with Ottoman. This new edition of the Chaise Maurice by David/Nicolas in Red Cavallino with a foot rest is something to look out for… as well as exclusive limited edition of ‘Stick Table’ by Claude Messir. The piece features a black brass top places on eight cylindrical legs in precious Black Marquina marble.

Chaise Maurice by David/Nicolas

David Gill Gallery is presenting a selection of works comprised of art, design and functional sculpture by Barnaby Barford, Fredrikson Stallard, Mattia Bonetti and Zaha Hadid. The gallery participates in NOMAD for the third time, presenting bold contemporary pieces in jewel hues that will transform Villa La Vigie’s period interior.

Ultra Stellar coffee table by Zaha Hadid

Exhibiting works include Mattia Bonetti’s ‘Tiger’, a striking new stained mahogany cabinet, and Barnaby Barford’s most recent word drawing ‘Trust’, which manifests the confusion we face in knowing who to trust in an era of post-truth politics.

Etage Projects presents an interior for elegant Mediterranean living. Sabine Marcelis’ ice-blue, semi-polished resin table ‘SOAP’ will debut, and new colours will be introduced in the Hue mirror collection, by Brit van Nerven and Sabine Marcelis. Fredrik Paulsen’s rainbow Anodised Console will also feature, alongside a 5-armed ‘Chandelier’ by FOS.

Fredrik Paulsen’s rainbow Anodised Console

Massimo de Carlo Gallery will exhibit a selection of works by internationally acclaimed contemporary artists with whom the gallery has a longstanding relationship. Three sculptural works by iconic Austrian action collective Gelitin, who are known for walking the line between outrage and sensation, will be showcased alongside a dazzling canvas by John Armleder, and a series of sculptures by Harlem-based artist Sanford Biggers.

Gallery FUMI and Louise Alexander Gallery will together display a series of works. Gallery FUMI’s centrepiece is a six-foot-high sculpture, shown for the first time last year as part of Rowan Mersh’s first solo show at the gallery.

FUMI six-foot-high sculpture made with Capiz shells

Covered entirely with Capiz shells, the piece was made in collaboration with Bob Lorimer, and the shape of the sculpture reflects the inner curvature of the seashell.

Misha Kahn’s Enchanté sconce and floor lamp

American designer Misha Kahn will be showcased for Friedman Benda’s inaugural presentation at NOMAD Monaco, where fifteen new creations will debut and demonstrate Kahn’s romantic, furtive and improvisatory practice. Three new tables from Kahn’s ‘Rock Bottom’ series will feature alongside the first public appearance of a side table and floor lamp from his ‘Scrappy’ series, two chairs from Kahn’s ‘Claymation’ series and a new ‘Enchanté sconce and floor lamp’, made of bronze and glass.

‘Lizbowl’ by the Campana Brothers

As part of the Special Projects programme, LIZWORKS will present ‘CHARMED’, ‘Lizbowl’ by the Campana Brothers, and ‘Oculist Witness’ by Hiroshi Sugimoto.

‘Charmed’ by Lizworks

‘CHARMED’ is comprised of seven individual charms, designed by seven female artists – including Cindy Sherman and Barbara Kruger – in one unified charm bracelet. ‘Lizbowl’, executed in cast bronze and ornamented with animal motifs, is one of seven unique editions, and ‘Oculist Witness’ is a wearable piece of limited edition art commissioned by LIZWORKS and produced by Selima Optique.

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