Hady B’s Russian Dolls Are Free and Daring

Lebanese artist, Hady Beydoun, aka, Hady B. has recently completed work on a range of Russian dolls. These traditionally veiled village women are symbols of fertility and carry smaller versions of themselves inside. Hady B.’s pieces offer up voluptuous women, shy, teasing, daring, they are free, liberated.

ISABELLE ORIGINALAlongside the dolls, the artist has also created a series of paintings where he explores the idea of addiction. Medication or candy? That is the question as people seek instant gratification and chase emotional high after emotional high. Hady B. is a Lebanese painter, sculptor and tattoo artist, formally trained as a Graphic Designer at the American University of Beirut. He currently operates out of his studio in Beirut, Lebanon.


The talented creative has tattooed over 12,000 people, including regional royalty and has worked on corporate branding projects for local, regional and international businesses, including the design and execution of the largest hand-painted canvas in the region.

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