Free Design: Celine Der Torossian’s AZADE Earrings Fly High

Celine Der Torossian is a veteran of the fashion industry. When the experienced designer created her own line, AZADE, she embraced the freedom it allowed her and released a line of funky, stylish earrings made from plexi-glass. AZADE is growing fast thinking big and growth is on the horizon.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I have a background in Fashion Design with a Graduate Diploma from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. I worked in fashion for seven years and used to have my own brand of ready-to-wear for women. I chose to call my Brand AZADE which means “Free” in Armenian in tribute to my Armenian origins.

How did AZADE start off?

The adventure started in July 2017, the idea behind the Plexiglas jewelry came when I did my last collection for Starch Foundation in 2013-2014. The collection was based on laser cutting geometrical fabric shapes placed on garments, since that collection I decided to laser cut earrings in Plexiglas from the same shapes.


How is the company growing?

When I stopped working in clothes fashion, the idea of creating an accessory line of earrings in Plexiglas didn’t leave my mind for two years. In under one year AZADE Accessories is sold in seven different shops around Lebanon and our online platform is on its way, its also sold in Abidjan, Geneva and Los Angeles.


Describe your process.

My designs and collections are all handmade entirely in Plexiglas, I laser cut the drawings and shapes in a factory called Message de Paix that employs and helps disabled people, once I have the pieces of Plexiglas I assemble them in my atelier.

What inspires you?

My inspirations are mainly from geometrical art and shapes from the Art Deco movement to Art Nouveau and well known architects and painters like Piet Mondrian, Picasso, Ettore Sottsass, Walter Gropius founder of the Bauhaus school, Miro, and many others. I am also very much inspired by tribal art and the style of women from Africa and Asia.

Describe your pieces and your customer.

If I had to describe my designs and work, I would say that they are fun, bold, statement pieces that uplifts a simple outfit. AZADE’s woman is simply confident and original with a twist of avant-garde style.

What are you planning in the future?

I love working with Plexiglas, but I want to add more materials to my brand like aluminum, wood and fabric. I am currently working on the Fall-Winter collection 2019 and after one year of mainly using Plexiglass, this collection will be different.



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