French Artist Brac Captures Franck Danican’s Soul

Brac is a self-taught artist who learned how to imitate the masters and the art of the portrait in a variety of different mediums. We ask the artist about the latest subject painted in details, model Franck Dunican.

The end result of Brac’s efforts is her incredible ability to produce works inspired by the greats and she is becoming known for her portraiture. With a passion for the eyes of her subjects, Brac’s subjects run the gamut, all sorts of people and animals excite her curiosity and have resulted in fantastic, classic pieces.

Brac’s latest work with fashion stylist Franck Danican, has produced perhaps Brac’s most impressive effort yet. “I met Franck Danican on social networks and I agreed to work with him on his image because I discovered during our conversations, that he was a sensitive being, a talented and very endearing personality, and especially a beautiful soul … which is inspiring for a portrait artist!” said Brac. The end results speak for themselves, a classically-inspired outcome, Danican’s portrait speaks of the man Brac described and makes for an intriguing study.

Franck Danican carrying Brac’s artwork of himself

“He is also pretty handsome, so he was a nice model to paint! Franck touched me with his naturalness and his beautiful energy that crossed the ocean to my studio in central France!” said the artist.

The leather strips depicted in the first painting refer to his role as a stylist, one who shapes others, while the bubble upon which he sits references his lightness of spirit and his easy-going nature.

Intriguing and incredibly personal, the final result hints at the skill of this talented artist while suggesting the power of personalized art.


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