Galal Mahmoud Pays Tribute to Beirut at the New Beirut Design Fair

Beirut-based GM Architects has recently completed a re-design of the Beirut Design Fair’s interior exhibition space. The celebrated Lebanese firm created a 4,000 square-meter space that will welcome thousands of visitors and designers from around the world.

Beirut Design Fair is entering its second year as an important hub for multi-cultural design and innovation in the Middle East. Bringing together emerging and established designers with industry leaders and the public, the Fair helps to highlight the creative pull of the Lebanese capital. In order to fully underline the emergence of the cultural and creative boom happening in Beirut, GM Architects’ new design pays tribute to the city, its past and its future.

Recalling the pre-civil war Golden Age of the 1960’s, and positioning the Lebanese capital as a global hotspot for rising talent and culture, GM Architects took on a Beirut-inspired concept of organized chaos that so clearly defines the city. Ever evolving, Beirut is wonderfully represented in this innovative, colorful and stylish space.

Galal Mahmoud explained his inspiration and main theme for the exhibition space as “the layered evolution of Beirut’s urban fabric as it continuously evolves from order to disorder and vice versa…The space will be organized like a city, where one tends to get lost in its play of narrow and wide streets all while having punctual high landmarks that gives a sense of direction.”

The overall concept will be realized through the use of shifting walls that serve to give a direction to the visitor and guide them through the exhibition – all while serving as partition walls for the various stands.

The colors are a direct reference to Beirut’s golden age, a reminder of past times marked by bright optimism for the future “as we try to get back on the track we were once on half a century ago” Galal Mahmoud explains.

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