Galerie Alice Mogabgab Brings Art into the Night at La Boîte, Faqra Club

Galerie Alice Mogabgab celebrates the night with the opening exhibition of Art into the Night at La Boîte, Faqra Club on Saturday July 21.

Azza Abo Rebieh

The works of fifteen contemporary artists will be shown, amidst mood setter Médéa Azouri, at this iconic discotheque, which dates back to the years of the war in Lebanon. Closed since 1991, La Boîte is now reopening its doors, on July 21, to art and contemporary creative freedom. The club was a place that brought Lebanese people from all walks of life together to forget about the war and violence and celebrate love, music, dance and life.

Malgorzata Paszko

Inspiration behind this show is the night. The night, a major source of inspiration in the history of art, continues to fascinate artists. First apparent in the Orient towards the end of the 8th century in the folk tales of Thousand and One Nights, translated from Persian to Arabic, it becomes increasingly important in Western art in the centuries to follow.

Francois Sargologo

The night appears in book illuminations, notably in Les Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry by the Limbourg brothers between 1412 and 1416. From the 16th century onwards the technical developments of the pictorial tradition enables artists to paint the night on a par with the day. Out of the medieval darkness emerges in the course of time artworks glorifying the light. From the torments of humanity artist seek to render the beauty of colors. But the night also suggests solitude, tranquillity, heartache, dreaming, amazement, vast starry skies … a world that our summer exhibition humbly attempts to explore.

Jean Girel

The art showcased until August 26 include paintings, sculptures, photography, graphic arts, videos, installations and contemporary ceramics.

Andrée Hochar Fattal

The exhibition begins at the entrance to the Auberge de Faqra with Aurora by Hannibal Srouji. It continues on the ground floor through the lounges leading to La Femme endormie by Takayoshi Sakabe, situated at the entrance to La Boîte.
The stairs take the visitor down to the hostesses’ vestibule transformed into a gallery of stars. A few steps further on the doors to La Boîte open up wide, and one’s body is swept along by the night. Hellish nights all the way to the dance floor lit by the glittering Discoworld, from the bar of human folly to the foot of the gigantic midnight tree, from the victorious g-strings to the curvy dreaming Venus, here everything is sensuality, intensity. A black half-open curtain designates the entrance to the billiard room, to constellations and starry heavens.

Charles Belle

Concerts, lectures and film screenings are scheduled every Saturday.

Exhibition opening hours
Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays, 11 am to 8 pm
till August 26, 2018

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