Get Creative with Lebanese Pop Band Mashrou’ Leila and Absolut

Following its long-standing tradition of collaborating with cutting-edge artists, Absolut is proudly collaborating with Lebanese pop band Mashrou’ Leila. The collaboration falls in line with the company’s brand ethos, Transform Today, under which Absolut celebrates artists who ignore fate, break boundaries, and transform themselves and their disciplines.

Transform Today’s call for co-creation will have Mashrou’ Leila opening their creative process to their audience. Fans will be given the opportunity to explore their own creative potential by having a say in the lyrics and video storyboard of Mashrou’ Leila’s newest single. Participants will be prompted to make their contributions on Facebook by using the hashtag #ma3leila, after which the band will convene and choose the best suggestions to include in the official recordings.


Absolut introduces a game-changing brand campaign, aiming to connect with the creative spirit in us all and to inspire artistic transformation around the world. Under the brand ethos Transform Today, Absolut is collaborating with Arab pop band Mashrou’ Leila, who have truly transformed themselves and their creative discipline. With Transform Today, Absolut stays true to its foundations, pushing the boundaries of contemporary culture to connect with the passions of a generation.

Let’s see what it’s all about…

What is the Transform Today campaign all about?

With Transform Today, we want to inspire people to make life happen and turn the everyday into something extraordinary. Everybody has the power to create his or her own future. Transform Today is a call to arms – a rallying cry for a generation of creativity to break free from the idea that anything is predetermined, and to create the future. The brand ethos manifests our belief that tomorrow is not a given, it’s for everyone to create.

Can you describe the concept behind the new campaign?

At Absolut, we have always believed in the transformative power of art. Following a long-standing tradition of creative collaborations, and to manifest our passion for transformation, we have collaborated with talented artists from across the globe who underwent both personal and artistic transformations. As such, we will be hosting a series of events that will allow participants and online users to experience the power of transformation first hand.

Why did you decide to collaborate Mashrou’ Leila for this initiative?

In this campaign, we wanted to team up with the most influential and inspiring emerging artists from around the world – the ones who have taken risks and broken the boundaries around them, transforming themselves and their creative disciplines in the process. Mashrou’ Leila’s unique creative path perfectly embodies the message we want to convey.

What exactly will Mashrou’ Leila be doing with Absolut?

Mashrou’ Leila will open up their creative process to their audience online. So, fans will be given the opportunity to explore their own creative potential through the band and the brand.

Who are the other artists who have participated in the campaign so far?

We have already engaged musician Woodkid and fashion designer Yiqing Yin from France and graphic artist Rafael Grampá from Brazil. Now, it’s Mashrou’ Leila’s turn in Lebanon.

Young people and alcohol is a difficult issue in today’s public opinion. How do you prevent people from thinking that Transform Today means excessive drinking?

As a brand, we target only men and women within the legal drinking age, and we hope our campaign appeals to that group of people. In all our campaign elements, we make sure to follow legislation and to inform consumers accordingly before they interact with us, e.g. before entering a website or watching a video. Additionally, the product itself does not play a major role in the campaign. There are three different stages in a creative process, inspiration, creation, and celebration. It is only during the celebration phase that the Absolut product is shared and consumed.

What are you hoping to accomplish with this initiative?

By collaborating with inspirational artists from different creative disciplines, we want our consumers to realize that they have the power to challenge the status quo to create their own future. With Transform Today, Absolut takes its daring spirit to the next level.


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