Giuseppe Zanotti Goes Gold with First Capsule Collection

Twenty years of creativity and success built around the feet of women who changed Italian brand Giuseppe Zanotti into the legendary designer he is today. Four capsule collections have been created in celebration of this monumental occasion.


Each capsule embodies the brand’s heritage and distinct characteristics, resurrecting the most iconic and sought after styles. Chosen by the designer himself, Zanotti has selected models that best represent himself and his work over the past 20 years. The capsules are unique and each represents a theme that is quintessential to the Zanotti brand.


They will be released separately over the course of the year.

Capsule number 1 will be released in June: JEWEL, pays homage to the jewels that have always been key elements in Giuseppe’s creations.

Capsule number 2 will be released in September: ROCK ‘N’ ROLL, the spirit behind the music vibes of the collections.


Capsule number 3 will be released at the end of November: BLACK STILETTOS, variations on a theme, the heel on a journey through the world of seduction.

In conclusion, capsule number 4 will be released in February 2015: DISCO, the spirit of the club and it timeless expression, the designer’s constant source of inspiration.

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