Gold Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Opera Gallery Dubai, known for showcasing contemporary artists from across the globe, takes things up a notch with a new direction with the upcoming show, “GOLD,” exhibiting from 5th – 19th October in the DIFC gallery.

From The Desert – Pokras Lampas

Made up of a carefully curated selection of works from over 25 internationally renowned artists, GOLD, exposes viewers to the unparalleled precious metal in different forms and artist interpretations.

LOVE (Gold_Blue), 1966 – Robert Indiana

Having produced multiple shows in the Dubai location focusing on single artists, GOLD aligns with the brand’s direction to further expand its footprint across markets, mediums and offerings as many artists use gold in some capacity. Along with that, gold has and will always remain something that the Arab world associates with and holds a standard to.

King Tutankhamen – David Mach

“When I come up with exhibitions, I always try to balance the visual impact of the show, and its relevance at a specific time and place and right now, GOLD makes perfect sense for the region. With this exhibition, Opera aims to set a standard, a benchmark per se for our future exhibitions and to further make our mark in the regional art world – a gold standard to continually strive for” says Sylvain Gaillard, Director of Opera Gallery Dubai.

Roy Nachum OG Exhibition2

Looking to the exhibition, each piece brings the audience’s attention to something unique. Creations from iconic pop artist, Roy Lichtenstein will resonate across generations, while Kossi Aguessey’s golden doll sculptures are reminiscent of old idols. Roy Nachum’s careful use of gold leaves to bring onlookers attention to society values and responsibilities in subtle way.

Dabbawala – Valay Shende

Meanwhile, the ever-popular LOVE sculptures of Robert Indiana, relay the most universal and poignant message in a medium that has continued to fascinate mankind.
Other artists of note include: Yves Klein and Manolo Valdez.

Apple China 2013 – Gold – Li Lihong

Lastly, Opera Gallery Dubai has undergone a major renovation over the summer leading up to its 10th anniversary in 2018, offering collectors a beautiful new space to discover art.
And what better way to celebrate this than with a ‘golden hour’ exhibition.

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