Grin and the City: Bliss Street Capsule Collection Celebrates Beirut

Beirut’s famed Bliss Street stands as the center point for a collection designed by Anne Gedeon. The designer’s work is an experimentation of form, composition and color. Her inspiration is drawn from the juxtaposition of the old versus the new and the bold versus the chic.

The iconic promenade running parallel to Hamra street, Bliss Street, is a colorful fast paced road that illuminates the extraordinary mosaic of Lebanon, old and new. Alongside the American University of Beirut, it serves as a vibrant backdrop to a mélange of personalities from students to residents, academics to socialites. It mirrors a timeless Lebanon. It is lined with an array of commercial buildings, houses, bars, police stations, bookshops, dorms and restaurants. It’s Beirut real and raw and all in one. Bliss Street is the inspiration behind the ancient Piastre capsule collection.

The Piastre capsule collection seems almost like a badge of pride, one that speaks of a love of Beirut. Simple, engaging, the pieces represent a nostalgia for Lebanon and can fit with any number of outfits. Consisting of a pendant, earrings and a ring, this line is a fun, flirty way to show off your true colors.

Gedeon started designing pieces for her friends and soon developed a network which evolved into the production of full collections. Gedeon’s work is divided into two lines, GRINChic which comprises of chunky statement pieces and GRINLite, a signature Pop Art jewelry ‘jelly-line’ that incorporates the use of silicone. Texture is the hero in the collections and all are full of different materials, featuring everything from plexiglass to fabric.

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