Guess Brings Back the American Dream

There’s a blend of sensual glamour and grunge attitude of 1990s fashion to GUESS’ American Dream capsule collection.

The brand’s iconic adverts feature on bold prints in bright colors. Clashing primary hues, such as red, yellow, blue and violet, accentuate the face of pin-up models in true Warhol style, for a modern take on a pop classic. Playfully provocative prints stand out on signature t-shirts.


Colors on a background of black stand out on sweatshirts and tees, highlighting catchy slogans that celebrate beauty, passion, desire… all keywords of the world of GUESS!

In denim, super stretch fabrics and a twill weave characterize women’s styles in vintage washes, with an abraded front providing an added injection of grunge. Slim and skinny fits enhance the body’s curves, making for hot looks when paired with a trucker denim jackets.

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