Guillaume à Beyrouth: Exceptionally Eclectic!

Enter the home-like setup of Guillaume à Beyrouth – a pop up store that takes you around the world. Located on the first floor of The Gathering in Gemmayze, this eclectic beautiful Oriental house, from November 20th to December 24th. photo(68)Created by Guillaume Excoffier, the basis for opening a pop up store instead of a permanent one comes from the following observation: The internet makes everything so accessible, why would you go to a store? You come to a store if you know shopping in a store will be more exciting than shopping online.

And it’s precisely what Guillaume à Beyrouth is all to about: It’s a special decor with new and exclusive products on sale in a space will disappear in a couple of weeks.

All the things presented are shown as they would be in a real room: it’s not just about buying pieces, it’s about creating real interiors. There are three rooms at the Beirut pop-up store, each with a different atmosphere, yet all extremely eclectic.

“Eclecticism is indeed the main characteristic of my work. I like mixing unexpected things both because it creates this «wow effect» you want at your place, and because it is what makes a place your own place, meaning more personal,  and more reflective of the culture of its inhabitants,” says Excoffier.

The am interested in trendy designs but when you mix them with more traditional pieces, that all looks so much fresher and more personal.  If you want your home to look like it’s genuinely yours, like it reflects your wide variety of interests, you can’t go for just one style… And that is even more true in Lebanon, which is a meeting point of so many cultures!

Furthermore, there is a unique line of international art work, made especially for GUILLAUME.

I can’t reveal the name yet… See you at the store to discover it!

About Guillaume Excoffier

Guillaume Excoffier was born in Lyon in 1982 and grew up in Bordeaux, New Caledonia and Paris. He studied political sociology at SciencesPo and International Management at HEC Paris, and Bocconi University in Milan. From an early age, he developed a strong interest in fashion, art and design. He worked in Brazil for LVMH, and in Paris for Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin.

Having always wanting to open his own business, he opened his store in the trendy Paris district of Le Marais, in 2011.Then late 2012, he met Nancy Gabriel who lives between Beirut and Paris and shares the same enthusiasm for interiors and that friendship quickly developed in a professional partnership. That’s how the idea of the pop up store came up!

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