Harmony Collection by Maison Mirath Brings Endless Possibilities

The Harmony Collection has become Maison Mirath’s iconic design due to its endless possibilities.

The collection was originally conceived and realized with diamonds and other precious stones by the Maison’s founder, Soha Hamdan, who kept in mind the woman who thrives on change, challenges herself and leads an active lifestyle. Later on, her daughter Nadine Hamdan, developed the collection with a design that complements the original one with golden layers of different colors.

These two-generational approaches, complete one another in perfect harmony while appealing to different personalities and creating a unique combination of timeless classical and eclectic modern jewelry pieces.

The twist in the stackability of the Harmony collection, especially in the rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants which gives it a modularity and a personal touch.

At Maison Mirath every woman can choose her own stacking possibilities of colors and stones, fusing fashion with ageless style.

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