Harrow’s Iconic Skull Armchair Stands Out in Colors

Harow, Parisian studio, invited the Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel to revisit its iconic Skull Armchair. San Miguel’s new piece of art revealed in collaboration with HAROW, professional artist platform Ink and Movement, and Parisian by night gallery, taps onto a recurrent theme of both his and harrow’s line of work: The skull.


Skull Harow by Okuda San Miguel is made of reinforced fiberglass with a internal steel frame and was hand painted by the artist. Simple beautiful, the piece represents the latest evolution in Harow’s tale.

From street art to tattooing, by way of screen printing, sculpture, and graphic design, Harold Sangouard – known by his nickname “Harow” – is a multimedia artist recognized as a rising star of contemporary art and design.

His sources of inspiration can be found in pop culture and, more generally, in history, where he capitalizes on the pinnacles of scientific and technological progress. His creations are instantly recognizable, all deferring to his clean, precise, and structured pencil strokes. In 2015, Harold unveiled his own studio in Paris, which bears the name of the artist: Harow.


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