Hawa Beirut: Richard Yasmine Connects the Past and Present

HAWA Beirut, designed by Richard Yasmine, is a collection of very light and airy furniture inspired from the Lebanese architecture, more so the traditional arches found in old houses – these arches, through history, have become a trademark in Lebanese cultural heritage. The collection is set to show at the Future Dome as part of Ventura Future, Milan Design week.

Yasmine explains that “HAWA which is Arabic for light summer breeze, also means a deep love, or a strong passion towards someone or something.” Summer breeze is translated into pastel, fresh spring colors like blue, pink and pistachio greens…

His love for his country and tradition has led the young Lebanese designer to create a series of furniture that reflects his passion for his homeland.

Hawa Beirut collection is composed of two chairs, one with upholstery and the other one naked, a low flippable central table/coffee table and a decorative screen panel made of different materials – tinted glass, tassels, mirrors, marble…

The whole collection is made of powder coated colorful steel with fabric, adding decorative handmade silk braiding cords and tassels, with treated pink marble including traditional craftsmanship technique blown stained glass inserts.

Hawa Beirut set up creates a nostalgic yet harmonious reflection to our ancestors, continuing the communication between the past present and the future generations.

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