Home Within: An Audiovisual Translation of Tragedy

Home Within is an artistic collaboration between composer and clarinetist artist Kinan Azmeh, and visual artist, Kevork Mourad, both based in New York City, and will be performing in Lebanon at AUB’s Assembly Hall on Monday, 26 March.

Where visual art and music meet…

Home Within is not about summarizing the Syrian tragedy nor political slogans so much as it is about documenting how we have felt at different times from the beginning of the uprising until now. It’s a tragedy that continues to unfold in front of our eyes,” said Azmeh.

Clarinetist artist Kinan Azmeh and visual artist Kevork Mourad

The show is a 60-minute audio-visual performance where art and music develop in counterpoint to each other, creating an impressionistic reflection on the Syrian revolution and its aftermath.

Visualizing the sound of music…

Home Within has been touring North America and Europe in efforts to raise awareness and funds for Syrian Refugees through a number of charitable organizations.

Tickets will be sold in all Antoine branches and online. Events Production, Roula Douaidy and Néda Ziadé, is supporting this project, and has organized this unique performance in Beirut.


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