House of Today 2018: An Emotional Journey with Lebanese Designers

House of Today, the internationally recognized platform for design in Lebanon, has called upon talented Lebanese designers and creatives to elevate the norms, to create tables that not only serve a function or purpose, but that trigger emotions through a journey of sensorial experience.

”Bodily” tables by Tamara Barrage – photo credit Marco Pinarelli

The concept for its 2018 Biennale: ‘Elevate, the Quest for Heightened Senses’, which will take place in Beirut mid December.

“Script” desk by Stephanie Moussallem – photo credit Marco Pinarelli

The selected designers include Jana Aridi, Tamara Barrage, david/nicolas, Nadine Hajjar, and more and House of Today has collaborated with New York’s prestigious international gallery R & Company to pair three of their designers with three Lebanese designers to conceive a table. The pairings are Haas Brothers and Carlo and Mary-Lynn Massoud, Rogan Gregory and Flavie Audi and Katie Stout and Sayar and Garibeh.

Ingrid by Jane Aridi – photo credit Marco Pinarelli

The 2018 Biennale will also include the first retrospective of furniture created by the modernist architect Khalil Khoury at the le Musee Sursock.

”Faros” bedside table by Charles Kalpakian – photo credit Marco Pinarelli

In addition, journalist and critic Anne-France Berthelon will co-curate and present “Craftporn” – a series of lectures. Finally, The Shop will also return to the Biennale. Offering home and office products in collaboration with WallpaperSTORE*, this unique collaboration outlines the joint commitment to nurture and showcase internationally the exceptional design talents found in Lebanon.

Fluid Encounter by Flavie Audi x Rogan Gregory

The Biennial will run from December 15 – December 28 at 3 Beirut Downtown – Beirut.

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