IDentity: Nada G Unifies Cultures, Exclusive at Surosock Museum Store

Award­‐winning Nada GTM has designed and produced ‘IDentity’, a bespoke collection aimed at those who believe in unifying the cultures of the world by melding the East and the West to create a synergy of one people, one place, and one ‘IDentity’.


The collection is inspired by peace, conflict and coexistence; a symbiosis that the peoples of this area have become accustomed to over the past several millennia. It’s a tribute to the various cultures around the Mediterranean that have developed in contact with each other and where ideas have easily crossed linguistic, cultural, and religious boundaries.


“There is no denying how the intersection of East and West has helped people attain new heights of human culture; ‘IDentity’, is an homage to those who have flourished as a result of intense activity of cultural transmission between the various cultures” says Nada Ghazal, Founder and Creative Director of Nada GTM who draws on that from personal experience. “Lebanon is the intersection of East and West and the beauty of Lebanon and its people is a result of the amalgamation of various cultures who have come in touch with the Lebanese people. This dichotomy has resulted in some of the most beautiful linguistic, cultural, architectural and religious nuances that have given this community a richer and more diverse culture”, she adds.

The collection which includes rings, ear cuffs and cufflinks, is a minimalistic visualizations using simple symbols and shapes from East and West to convey just how different the two cultures are and how beautiful they can be when merged. ‘IDentity’, is integrating the experience of coexistence into the life story of each piece of jewelry item. The designer hopes that each piece will help those who wear them cultivate positive energy, restore mindfulness, and nourish the spirit in a world full of clashes.


The collection, made with 18Karat gold and diamonds, will be unveiled at the Sursock Museum Store starting December 2016. ‘IDentity’ is Nada GTM’s third collection to be exclusively created for Sursock Museum Store after the success of their previous collection ‘Khaizaran – A Tribute to Lebanese Workmanship’. The collection will be sold exclusively at the venue.

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