Ideo Parfumeurs: Scent of the World in Beirut

If you’re looking for something original to get this Valentines, maybe for a loved one, or even to just pamper yourself, head down to Ideo Parfumeurs, an independent olfactory house, with the cutest boutique you can imagine right on Gemayze street.  Small, modern, cozy and personal, Ideo Parfumeurs boutique is a place that promises a unique experience.

Let’s see what they have…


Parfum de Lingerie

It’s in the intimacy that we reveal our true selves. What better than lingerie perfume to express your feelings and stir that of your partners. Our lingerie perfumes will allow you to create the desired setting in these private moments. Romantic, animal, discreet or sexy… perfume your moments of pleasure.

Bar à Parfum

Along side the ready-made products, Ideo Parfumeurs proposes the “Sur Mesure” perfume creation at the “Bar à Parfum” of the boutique. The creation process that is a pure personal pleasure, is also a perfect personalized gift idea both men and women. Live a unique 3 steps experience. The team will guide you the chance: 1/Discover your olfactory identity: an exclusive questionnaire imagined by Ideo Parfumeurs founders that will let you discover your perfume style. 2/Compose your «IDEal Olfactif » with the help of our mixologist. 3/Customize your bottle.


The boutique also offers a range of products based on scented candles, hand made soaps, linen and lingerie waters. All products are made from raw materials  “Made in Grasse”, the world’s capital of Perfume, and have been developed with the collaboration of master artisans, who have worked on the launch of worldwide perfumes.

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