Illusion of Time by Marcel Wanders Pays Tribute to Coffee and Time

During the recent opening of Starbucks Reserve Roastery, New York City, Marcel Wanders showcased a varied collection of unique and inspiring products that reflect the tradition and ritual of coffee.  For this Starbucks Reserve Collection, Marcel Wanders forges a relationship between coffee and its relation to time in a new way.

The Queen’s Scarf is a luxurious silk accessory with coloring reminiscent of coffee stains. Printed with a stylish medley of aged clock cogs, spinning wheels, rabbits, bells, flowers, tropical birds, butterflies, black and white portraits and references to Alice in Wonderland.

The Sandman Hourglass is an ancient measurement of time. This enduring symbol of our passing hours is captured in black aluminum and reveals a cross section of the iconic hourglass, giving an inside perspective of time. The Mad Tamper is a charming highly-polished stainless-steel tamper that when used extends the extraction time while intensifying coffee flavor allowing every sip to be savored. The Ballerina Spinning Top plays with time. As a gold, anodized aluminum spinning top it seems to suspend time as it revolves.

The Diva Bell is a welcoming symbol, denoting a time of gathering around the table. A staple in the Marcel Wanders world of design, this ceramic bell is made with silver titanium glazing and invites all to connect. The Night Watcher Candle holder is designed with black aluminum and is a durable and elegant candle holder that supports tall candles. The One Minute Bunny is a ceramic nod to Alice in Wonderland. Made with 24K gold plating it expresses the random beauty that can be captured in just sixty seconds while bringing the human touch back to design. The Tick Tock Keychain is a timeless homage to the days of old. Crafted with interlocking eternal rings, this brass key chain with gold finish resembles a pocket watch. The front features engraved sentences, such as the collection name. On the back, the Marcel Wanders and Starbucks Reserve logos are engraved.

With a modern contemporary twist, each object in the collection evokes the ceremonial notions of coffee-making and the time invested in the process. “Because harvesting coffee is such a hand-crafted process, we chose to use an assortment of materials in this collection – from silk to aluminum to ceramics. We wanted the investment of time to become tangible and felt for ages,” added Creative Director, Gabriele Chiave.

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