Imm Cologne 2018: Simple Harmony in Statement Pieces

Furnishing is becoming a question of meaningful pieces. A piece that will change a whole room with it’s presence. At Imm Cologne 2018, we learned that furnishing has become more than minimalism or a particular style: it’s about clarity, a sense of orderliness and simplicity. There are so many designs out there, here are a few of the Editor’s favorites at

Flow of Easy Colors

Since their debut in 2008 Flow Chair, by MDF Italia, is a unique system, that combines the quality of experience with a top flexibility and hybrid architecture to offer everyone the chance of assembling a chair in tune with one’s own sensitiveness, consistently with the end-use. More than a product, the Flow collection embodies a clever and sensitive look of our age.  At the Furniture Fair in Cologne the company features a new variant with a mass-pigmented shell in addition to the version with soft touch shell. The new version is available in a palette of refined and trendy colors and new bases.

Add Dimension the Simple Way

Overlays and visual effects come together as a geometric puzzle in the latest GAN kilim collection, created by the Swedish design team Fron Anna Lindgren and Sofia Lagerkvist have expertly combined the patterns and geometries of traditional flooring with new shapes and colors, creating rugs that feature a three-dimensional matrix, accentuated by their irregular shapes. PARQUET embraces GAN’s philosophy of integrating traditional and new elements with Scandinavian simplicity. Using simple geometric figures with four to eight sides as building blocks, the renowned Swedish designers have created three models of reversible kilims: Tetragon, Rhomb and Hexagon. The three designs are made completely from pure new wool in manual looms, operated by the skilled craftsmen and women of India. Their shapes move away from the classic rectangle, and the designs and colors manage to visually enlarge the space in which they are located, and open it to new dimensions, with daring and freshness.

Diverse and Well Rested

The more variously it is used, the more the Trio upholstered range from Cor is in its element, where it offers seemingly endless new functions. Recently, the perennially modern initial design from the seventies was re-edited with great success. Now the all-rounder also appears as a sofa bed, ideal for use in apartments, studios or guest rooms. Even in the living room, the variously configurable upholstery can quickly turn a sit-in into a bed-in, based loosely on role models John Lennon and Yoko Ono. In no time at all, the generous lengthwise elements of the 1 metre deep sofa can be folded out to lengths of 1.5 or 2 metres. The resulting bed surfaces – with high-quality cold foam beneath the covers – are just as generous as they are suitable for couples (1.5 x 2 metres/2 x 2 metres). Designs in fabrics from the COR collection, first draft: team form ag, further developments: COR.

Harmony in Simple Definitions

With Air, Viteo presents the ideal solution for those who want to expand their living area outdoors in an urban space. Soft shapes, clean lines and natural colors dominate the collection. The harmonious, delicate look and the flexible modular system give the collection presence even in small areas. The new Air collection has been designed in collaboration with the Danish industrial designer, Rasmus Falkenberg.

Comfortable Timeless Statements


Moon, from Intertime, finely sweeping design is simple and timelessly elegant. The soft and supple outer shell and its upholstery create a feeling of comfortable cosiness. This model will win you over with the covering fabric’s many combination possibilities. Its supple form allows for relaxed sitting with maximum comfort. It can be used individually, but is also suitable as an interesting addition to the Intertime sofas. An ottoman, the seating area of which emulates the chair, is available as a sophisticated detail. The chair lends itself well to both private and public spaces.

Digital Detox with Colors

A sideboard in baby pink, a bright yellow cupboard in the hallway, a velvet sofa in midnight blue – with their “Blush” and “Blue Elegance” furnishing trends, the interior design experts at Kare have created a vitalizing color therapy for the homes of stressed-out big city dwellers. The result is an interior seen through rose-colored spectacles after a hard day’s work: Blush is a playful, cheerful furnishing theme displayed against a background of frosted pink. Clean-lined white furniture gives a youthful impression, while warmth is generated by solid-wood furniture in darker shades. The look is individualized by colorful stand-alone items of furniture, witty pictures and floral designs, for example as decoration on a cupboard or the cover of a wing back chair. Blue combines with lots of velvet and shimmering metallic shades in order to highlight the effects of dark tones of blue, suggesting wide horizons, calm and the endless ocean.

Turkish Delight

Fifty-fifty. Horizontal or vertical lines. Stellar is the first pendent lighting collection for German company Pulpo. The collection exists in various colors and finishes, the spheres are blown in glass in four sizes between 180mm and 390mm diameter. At the fair we will also present a new side table made of two glass elements called Delight. Inspired by Turkish delight, also called lokum, Sebastian Herkner wanted to transfer the typical translucent and matt appearance of these sweets to a product. The side tables in two sizes are mouth blown in glass and smoothly frosted with a certain technique afterwards.

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