In and Out of Dreams: Dream Catcher Collection by Mukhi Sisters
After the recent debut launch of its latest collection at Fashion Forward in Dubai,  Mukhi Sisters introduces its Dream Catcher Collection at their Beirut Souks store. The creative trio are continually inspired by the world around them and this time their collection was inspired by a drawing from the Native American talisman of the dream catcher.

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Let’s learn more about their inspiration…

Originally conceived by the Native American Ojibwe people, Dream catchers were made to represent Asibikaashi, the Spider Woman, who took care of people and especially children across the land. Made of a circle, which was then weaved across in a web-like pattern and then decorated with feathers, the dream catcher was hung from a bed, “catching” all bad dreams and letting only good ones through, allowing the dreamer a peaceful and serene slumber.

From this original inspiration the Mukhi Sisters have created a collection that represents the chasing of good dreams and making these dreams into a reality. Upon their recent visit to Dubai, they were overcome by their conversations and visits with a variety of different individuals who let their positivity shine through their personalities, their fresh and colorful sense of fashion and their overall joy of life. And thus was born their newest collection.

The Dream catcher Collection, which includes earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets and body pieces, for both men and women, is a symbol of the persevering passion to make good things happen; to strive for a dream and make it happen. Designed in both yellow and rose gold, the collection mostly incorporates the use of diamonds and turquoise, in fluid movement that symbolizes the energy of optimism.

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