INDIE: Celebrate and Collect Posters from the Golden Years of Lebanese and Egyptian Cinemas

Here’s your chance to collect some of the most legendary old movie posters. A huge collection will be on display at INDIE for sale… “A Tribute to Movie  Legends” which starts January 29 will showcase posters featuring icons, singers and actors who played great roles back in The Golden Years of Lebanese and Egyptian Cinemas.

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Beirut breaks the mould like no place else. Our city, with its ever-changing character, is built on all things quirky. One part urban luxury and two parts modern eccentricity, INDIE takes a detour from the conventional and typical to a focus against all things mass-produced. With its energetic mashup of edgy and avant-garde with homey and laid-back, INDIE is the original renegade stomping ground, refreshingly unpretentious.

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Feel enlightened and nostalgic in equal measure by these timeless movie artworks & all kinds of original vintage Middle Eastern films posters, dating back to the 1940s, featuring Lebanese and Egyptian celebrities like Sabah and Fairuz and major names related to the Middle Eastern cinematic scene, including Nasri Chames El Din, Wadih El Safi and much more.

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“I wanted to create a space within INDIE that exhibits and supports local and international artists and talents,” expressed Tony Habre, CEO of ADDMIND and Founder of INDIE.

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“A TRIBUTE TO MOVIE LEGENDS”, the first art exhibition held at INDIE, will be a retreat of culture that calls to connoisseurs and the art community alike to celebrate the growing worldwide interest in all Middle Eastern art forms, all while enjoying INDIE’s signature cocktails and dining experience.

The exhibition will stay until all posters are sold.

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