Inspiration: Sunny Times Ahead with Roula Nahas

If you haven’t heard of the SunshineDiary you must be living under a rock. Here we speak the lady behind it all, Roula Nahas, a mother of two who’s taken it upon herself to add a little positive thinking to our lives.


Who is the person behind SunshineDiary?

I’m Rola Nahas. I am no supermodel or Hollywood actor, I am a Lebanese woman who has grown up to believe that you can do anything and become anyone if you set your mind to it… I have two kids, a boy and a girl. I work on myself, I build on who I am and want to be, brick by brick…


Where did the idea for SunshineDiary come from?

I am active on social media and realized with time that my number of followers was increasing and people often sent me messages telling me that I am an inspiration, that I ooze positivity and that they look up to me… many of which are younger than me, who aspire to become as joyful, positive and happy women as I am as they grow older…

It’s difficult to explain without sounding self-absorbed, but I’m a regular woman, a mother, a working woman, an active woman, a woman who juggles her time wisely between work, family, exercise, school (am doing my masters), there are thousands of us… But, if I was inspiring people, then I must be doing something right…

Where did the name come from?

Friends , whom I love, once told me that when I walk into a room, I am like a ray of sunshine…and they started to call me Sunshine or “Rayon de Soleil”… I share my positivity with everyone…

So, what exactly is SunshineDiary?

Sunshine Diary is simply me living my life, but instead of writing to myself, I share my daily inspirations and feelings with others. I post what I feel, like and believe in and nothing else. I share a moment that I am going through, it could be that instant or something that has happened from before, with my family and friends… New places I have visited, the latest chocolates I have  tried etc…

I don’t say things that I don’t believe in myself … it’s important that you do what you preach…

Life is not easy and there’s so much a person goes through in life… pain, hate… but it’s how you choose to deal with things that’s important, in my opinion. I can choose to hate life, hate people, blame others, gossip… but I choose not to, simply because it doesn’t mean anything to me… I choose not to be evil and not to follow the crowd, but to be myself.


What benefits does social media hold for you?

Nothing in particular, it is only sharing Happy moments with people! By the way I love people and connecting with them.

What’s your day like?
I wake up at six to prepare the kids for school. The most precious time for me is seeing them wake up and ask for kisses and cuddles. Kids are amazing when they open their eyes and see you smiling at them. At seven I start to prepare myself while chatting with my husband. At eight I leave the house to go to work. I always take meetings early in the morning, as I don’t like to stop during the day, or leave my team. Lunch is very important as I have the chance to see my friends and colleagues. At five-thirty I leave the office and rush home, the kids need to study and, most importantly, tell me their stories from the day. Twice a week, around seven-thirty I go to the gym with a private trainer. After that, it’s my husband time. Sometimes I have a wake up call from one of the kids at around two or 3am, ordering me to join them in bed. One last thing, I am doing my Executive MBA at ESA Business School… I will finish this year!

Your advice for the New Year?

This advice is good all year round every year: Think for yourself and what makes you happy and not what makes others happy, be content and most importantly, don’t take things for granted… we do not have to go through pain and heartache to appreciate things and people we love… we can do so starting now

Have you got any fashion tips for 2015?

High heels and more high heels… and scarves… everyone knows how much I love my high heels and Hermes scarves…

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