IQOS World Unzipped by Alex Chinneck at Milan Design Week

Philip Morris International Inc. just presented IQOS World revealed by Alex Chinneck at Milan Design Week 2019.

The IQOS World exhibition is an artistic expression of the future, brought to life through a collaboration with the well-known sculptor, whose art is distinguished by his bold and disruptive vision.

Chinneck’s unique talent for combining art, architecture and theater in his work manifested on a monumental scale: The architecture itself, both inside and out, transformed into a work of art, taking on new and unexpected shapes.

The walls and floor became metaphors for a process of transformation, evoking—through imaginative portals—seemingly infinite routes to a newly imagined future.

“By taking familiar materials and architectural forms and making them behave in extraordinary ways, we are working with IQOS to change visitors’ perceptions of what is possible,” said Chinneck.

“Through the repeated use of the zipper, we have opened up the fabric of a seemingly historic Milanese building to playfully re-imagine what lies behind its facade, floors and walls.”


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