Italian Majliss Wins the Italian Way Product Design Award

Bringing together Italian and Arabic culture, both known for their legendary hospitality and informal gatherings with family and friends, Peroni Nastro Azzurro launched the second edition of The Italian Way Product Design Award. The winning project is the Italian Majliss designed by Joud Malhas.

Italian Majliss

Italian Majliss takes basic geometry to create functional furniture through the use of rotation using ball bearing rings that act like hinges around a circular base.

Other participants included Indian-born architect Ruchi Joshi submitted BiForm, a contemporary take on the tent. Inspired by the Arab language and the embracing of Western traditions, the theme of migration is one of the governing metaphors behind the idea of conventional tents. Cavero, submitted by Caravan, celebrates the communal role of the fire pit in bringing people together. Cavero is an updated version of the fire pit that can be manufactured from simple processes, as well as the Shams Lounge Chair by Elizabeth Valkovics represents support and informality. When two or more are together, they symbolize a gathering.


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