It’s Disco Time at Milan Design Week with Gufram

Gufram‘s restless energy and joie de vivre could not find a better way to explode during the 2018 Milano Design Week, than with Disco Gufram, a visionary disco by Charley Vezza – owner of Gufram.

Disco Gufram club-culture inspired furniture collection includes a series features party sofas , after party side tables and candy-pop carpets by Atelier Biagetti, ROTGANZEN and GGSV. 

Back in the days, Gufram produced an entire collection of extravagant seating for what we call today “the spaces of freedom”, and for this new adventure has invited three groups of creative minds – Italian Atelier Biagetti, Dutch ROTGANZEN and French GGSV to create its own surreal disco, in the heart of Milan.

There’s no disco without a dance floor, so Gufram invited the Paris-based studio GGSV –   to conceive a compilation of carpets perfect for the occasion.

Atelier Biagetti’s seats reshaped the late ‘70s Linea Discoteca collection to create disco-inspired collection. After spending some few nights out at different clubs – a pleasant way to examine the subject, Laura Baldassarri and Alberto Biagetti restyled five different seats, which can easily come to rock and inhabit your house straight from the dance floor.

And when the party is over and it is time to go home, even the furniture let itself go a little. Dutch pop art design studio ROTGANZEN’s. The After Party series comprises three cabinets and two coffee-tables representing a melancholic reminder to the temporary nature of glamour. The blown traditional and iconic disco ball has been modified as it would finally rest and recover after spending a long night out.

Come join the party at Mediateca Santa Teresa, Via della Moscova 28, Milan until April 21, 2018.


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