J’adore Dior: The Future in Gold Starring Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron stars in the new Dior J’adore Advert.

The story…

This elegant, provocative striptease rid women of the superfluous,
liberated them from blinding excess. Back to essentials, baring
your all and exploring your inner self. “Gold is cold.”

The film made its mark and literally became part of a collective imagination.
The 2000s saw J’adore conquer women’s hearts. Again, Dior chose
to surprise. It returned to sumptuous opulence. Versailles became the
setting for an ideal catwalk extravaganza. Charlize Theron mingled
with Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Marlene Dietrich. The Hollywood
stars who stayed truest to Dior were brought together in a wild dream
by Jean-Jacques Annaud. A landmark film that underlined the House
of Dior’s aesthetic roots and foundations.

2014, J’adore is women’s favourite fragrance. Jean-Baptiste Mondino
picks up the story where it last left off. Charlize Theron strides down
the Hall of Mirrors… Her deep voice recounts the beauties of the past,
the power of memories. But the past is no place to live. The tension is
palpable, sensual. She seems to remove her dress. A new striptease?
Suddenly a silk scarf flows down from the sky. Like liquid gold poured
from an imaginary dome in a reinvented Versailles.

The past is no place to live, so J’adore chooses the future. An
irresistible, uplifting future into which it soars. Charlize entwines herself
in the flowing silk and travels through time, a sublime “Aerial Silk”
contortionist. She rises, hoisted by her will, ripping off a necklace like a
ship ripping anchor. Close up on her face, her confident, resolute gaze.
Her breath-taking beauty. After this edgy, sensual, dazzling intensity –
the visual shock. Perched on the glittering dome, a city stretches as far
as the eye can see. A new urban landscape on an endless horizontal
plane. She is the serene conqueror of a bright, widescreen world

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