Jenny Liz Rome Explores Femininity and the Wild

Jenny Liz Rome, Canadian visual artist, creates an exciting genre of art which she refers to as a ‘sort of fantasy portraiture’. Exploring themes of femininity and the wild, each of Jenny’s portraits tell a story.

Using modern illustrations combined with techniques from several forms of media, most of Jenny’s portraits are meant to describe a woman’s hard and soft complexities.

Each image expresses a story that is imagined differently by every viewer and their experiences.

Jenny’s unique style workflow begins with photos she has taken. With that image in hand, she creates a whole new person by using different body parts taken from photos, almost like a collage. It is only when the subjects form is complete that she begins to illustrate and paint on the image.

Most recently Jenny has been working on a series of large graphite drawings, to be shown this April in New York city as part of ARTEXPO New York.


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