Jihane Azar: An Emotional Brush Stroke on Canvas

Every once in while, we come across a person who touches us. Jihane Azar did just that. Her originality in expressing herself has left us in awe. This is an artist making a statement on how life has affected her, and how she has changed and evolved over time…

Meet Graphic designer Jihane Azar, a graduate of the American University of Beirut who initially started work in the advertising industry while teaching courses at Lebanese American University for 11 years. Wanting to strike out on her own, Azar started working for herself and now creates abstract, mixed media paintings – with messages that touches each one of us in its own way – depending on our lives, our experiences and our emotions.

Live Beautifully

Love Colors the Purest Minds

Dare to Dream

Her current body of art work focuses on emotions and resulted from her efforts to push herself to create. “I decided to express my emotions, my thoughts, my vision of life in my mixed media paintings. After the first piece, I became addicted, it was a beautiful escapade, full of colors, music and a fun combination of cut paper and brush strokes,” said Azar.

Planet B

Color Your Soul

A naturally shy person, Azar uses her art to express feelings she would otherwise keep hidden from those around her. “Painting helped me put them on canvas,” she says. The result is, to date, a series of ten pieces, all of which tell a tale of powerful emotion and thought. Each of the paintings features a strong palette of earth colors to “warm the heart and soften the soul”.

Stroke of Luck

The paintings represent stages of Azar’s life and her emotional journey and with titles such as “The Sad Song of a Bird”, “Sweet Reflection”, “The Sailing Boat” and “The Black Stroke”, it becomes apparent that Azar is putting her emotional journey on show.

Protect Who is Soft

“I wasn’t influenced by any artist. It all came from my heart, my feelings, my thoughts, a free, flying, unpredicted brush movement,” said Azar. It’s clear that these are very personal works of art, and yet they hold a clear, emotional value that all can see.

Pure Way of Life

This is an artist making a statement on how life has affected her, and how she has changed and evolved over time. A beautiful collection from a talented newcomer, Azar’s pieces represent something fresh, something personal and something worth taking a little time to ponder.

Pictures represent a small part of the actual paintings. Paintings are available in two formats 100×100 cm and 100×80 cm. Contact Jihane on +961-3-874274 for more details about her paintings.

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