Johanne 8: A Popular Colorful Artist Talks to FashionRepublik

A favorite at FashionRepublik is French artist, Johanne 8. With a solo exhibition, taking place at La Boheme in Deauville, (between December 15 and March 1), this unique artist, from Lyon, speaks about society, violence, sexuality, the suffering of people, their little happiness in a style inspired by comics, mangas, graff and Pop-Art. We talk to Johanne 8 behind the scenes to learn more about her creative work and ambitions, and discovred that the number 8 attached to her first name represents the date of birth of her son Mattia.

After a career in aeronautics, she decided to return to her passion for everyday life. In her paintings, there are many references to the memories of her childhood, to the characters who accompanied her like the superheroes, the American pulps and comics of the 50s, Hello Kitty, Walt Disney but also many winks to US, logos, pubs and all its inspirations from the street …

It is the curiosity of the world and cultures that takes Johanne 8 on the paths of art. Everywhere she paints, writes and sticks from her earliest age. These many journeys she makes will impregnate in her mind the strong images that are found today in these paintings.

It is especially during a passage in New York that Johanne 8 discovers Basquiat. It is an emotional and artistic shock for her, which will now plunge into North American urban culture.

This is how the artist defines herself today as an heiress of Bad Painting, a movement of American graffiti artists. She joined the young artistic movement of “Street Pop” which she shared with other artists like Benjamin Spark, young and talented Belgian artist.

When Johanne 8 returned to settle in Paris, it is to dedicate herself fully to her first love: she writes scenarios for cinema and television. At the same time, she took over the brushes and exhibited paintings where the diversity of the techniques used goes hand in hand with the plurality and the proliferation of visual codes.

Johanne 8 conjugates images, mingled with words, in order to transcribe its inner bubbling and the variety of its artistic and cultural references. It allows the viewer to wonder about his own cultural mosaic, about what constitutes today our mixed identities.

Discovered by a first Parisian gallery in the Marais district, she has since exhibited her paintings and sculptures in the largest recognized galleries in Melbourne to Barcelona, via Lausanne or Geneva, as well as in France: Paris, Deauville, Megeve, Courchevel, Arcachon, or Saint-Tropez … It has also invested prestigious places such as Lille Grand Palais (Lille Art-Up) or Uban Artfair in Paris.

Johanne 8 creative and colorful work all tell a story. Her history. Observed and chosen by the big names in fashion Paul & Joe, Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel) and Olivier Rousteing (Balmain), and French gastronomy, the three-star chief Anne Sophie Pic, Johanne 8 continues her work path and continues to renew itself.

She has just developed a new technique to give extra relief in her creations, inspired by the brands of candy she likes to put on the canvas (Milky Way, Bounty, Galak, Mars …).
This is reminiscent of the fact that the artist grew up in the 80’s and is fully influenced by this era.


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