Karen Chekerdjian: Exploring Outer Space

Designer Karen Chekerdjian goes against the grain and redefines the design movement once again by relocating to the rugged and loud heavy industrial area of Karantina.

The 600m2 new site – a cross between a warehouse, loft and workspace – is part of an expansive concrete landscape of derelict factories and massive warehouses that line a traffic by-pass road running parallel to the Beirut highway.

The relocation to what was once a tannery warehouse, now currently home to a metalworker, dress factory and tannery offices, was a result of growth in Chekerdjian’s body of work – her pieces became too big and too numerous for the space to accommodate.

A marked transformation in Chekerdjian’s methodology and work sent many of her pieces around the world. Her works have only recently returned from their lengthily travels abroad to a new top floor home overlooking Bourj Hammoud and Karantina.

Chekerdjian will be hosting ABOVE GROUND | OUTER SPACE, an exploration opening preview of the Karantina space starts Friday, 5 April until June 30, 2019.



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