Karim Tamerji Explores the Power of the Subconscious

Karim Tamerji, an architect and self-taught artist, combines his studies with his passion for art and started exploring the link between the subconscious and human behavior. This intense link is expressed in his latest body of art work, Introspection. His visual language, inspired by the continuous study of the ‘self ‘and individual’s psychological confinements, can be seen at SV Gallery at Saifi Village, Beirut.

Represented by Banzy Gallery, Tamerji says that Introspection is the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional process.

The artist, born and raised in Beirut, visual language is inspired by the mystery of the self, the work begins and ends with the urge to understand and find a way to represent how the subconscious mind is expressed through behavior. Abstracting the human body with muted grey tones reveals moments of contemplation, hidden compulsions, and struggles with temptation.­

An intriguing concept, this is work that clearly requires a little more contemplation, During his studies, Tamerji became interested in the relationship between psychology and architecture, and how this discipline dives deeply in the human psyche influencing peoples’ well-being and behaviors subconsciously.



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