Karl Lagerfeld X Puma: Two New Designs that Stand Out

Karl Lagerfeld and athletic wear expert Puma join forces once more to present a one of a kind sneaker collaboration for 2019. The collection offers two fantastic new models: a unisex Roma and a Roma Armor, just for women.

Based on the iconic Puma track shoe from 1968, the reimagined Roma for 2019 comes with a soft leather upper and showcases the instantly recognizable Karl Lagerfeld print on the sides.

 Karl Lagerfeld X Puma Roma sneakers

And the Roma Armor utiliszes a satin finished upper and features pink highlights that contrast against the shoe’s black and white structure. The ladies’ sneakers also come with circular and oversized Karl Lagerfeld prints on its side and on sole, respectively.

Karl Lagerfeld X Puma Roma Armor sneakers

What makes the Karl Lagerfeld X Puma Sneakers stand out is the distinct black and white polka dot design.

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