Kate Moss Talks About Wallpaper Design with de Gournay

Kate Moss, model, designer and business woman has recently entered the world of interior with her collaboration with popular wallpaper brand de Gournay. Fashionrepublik highlights Kate Moss’s style in interior, how she mixes the old with the new to create custom pieces mixed with found treasures… and more so her thoughts on how wallpaper adds warmth to any home…

What prompted you to do an interiors collaboration and is the interiors world a field you plan to explore more in the future?

I have worked with Katie Grove on numerous interiors projects. We both love de Gournay and approached them with the idea of collaboration; I am certainly open to exploring the possibilities in the world of interiors as I’ve enjoyed it so much.

How would you describe your interiors style and does it mirror your fashion style?

Yes, it certainly does, my style is drawn from different eras, mixing the old with the new, custom pieces mixed with found treasures…. like the mix of couture with second hand. It’s how I also like to dress…

How did you discover de Gournay and what about its unique approach to producing wallpaper do you appreciate?

I’ve always admired it in other people’s houses and I love that it is tailor made to a specific space, with the furniture and architectural features in mind. It is so carefully considered from a single well-placed bird or flower, with the background color and tones. This is what makes de Gournay so unique.

What do you feel wallpaper adds to a room/ home, especially when, like de Gournay, the wallpapers are of such a bespoke nature?

It adds warmth, texture, dimension and drama to a room. The wallpaper can transport you to another place. It lifts the soul.

What inspired your de Gournay wallpaper design? What was the starting point?

Twilight was the working title for the initial design. I really love this time of day. This wallpaper is timeless in that you don’t really know what time of day it is, sunrise and sunset are equally gorgeous, and the paper changes depending on the different times of day.

What aspect of designing the wallpaper with the de Gournay team did you enjoy the most? Is there anything you learned that surprised you about the creative process?

I really enjoyed the peaceful afternoons painting with Jemma, she’d come over with her paints (I especially loved her little pot of gold!) and we would sip Lapsang Souchong tea and Seedlip cocktails. I was surprised at how satisfied I felt unrolling the first finished panel.

How would you describe your wallpaper design… what mood does it evoke and why did you choose to install it in your bathroom?

Whilst this design comes in many different colors, this particular color way is inspired by Film Noir, very monochromatic, and as my bathroom is totally silver it seemed fitting to hang it there.

Which interior designers would you most like to see using your de Gournay wallpaper? Do you have any interior designer icons?

Oh… I would love anyone fabulous to use the paper! My favorite interior designers are the iconic Pierre Cardin; I loved the patent effect he did in bold color, and Christopher Gibbs who did the set for Performance.

Do you think the worlds of fashion and interiors are colliding?

Yes… They always have!

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