Keep Walking Lebanon: The Expo with a Vision for a Better Lebanon

The new generation of Lebanese students see a different Lebanon. Full of ambition, passion with a hopeful perspective towards the future, this group of young creative minds from across the country were given the opportunity to express themselves, thanks to Johnnie Walker. Let’s see how.

Johnnie Walker has always been a champion of progress, creativity, and hope for a better tomorrow. This year, the brand created a platform for university students to interpret their understanding of the popular slogan “Keep Walking Lebanon.”

“Keep Walking Lebanon” has been celebrating the resilience of the Lebanese at large and their positive spirit for years now. With this in mind, they gave the opportunity to the new generation to bring their progressive visions for the country to life, and prove that if we provide them with the right opportunities they will keep Lebanon moving forward.

The result of this creative process gave birth to this year’s Johnnie Walker campaign: The Keep Walking Lebanon Expo.

It all started with the #KeepCreatingLebanon competition, which called for contestants to come up with an idea that reflects their own interpretation of Keep Walking Lebanon. Working individually or in a group, and coming from different artistic disciplines – Film, Graphic Design, Architecture, Interior Design, and Fashion Design – their ideas varied and ranged from installations, to projections, to innovative product designs.

After months of preparation and under the mentorship of industry experts Bernard Khoury, Azzi & Osta, Nada Debs, Wissam Smayra, and Bechara Mouzannar, 200 projects were submitted out of which 14 were selected to be showcased at the Keep Walking Lebanon Expo earlier this month at KED, Karantina.




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