KIKO Milano Fall 2017: A Homage to Venice in Beirut

Venice has been a magnificent source of inspiration for poets, artists and composers to create works of timeless beauty. Today it plays a magical role in inspiring KIKO’s Fall 2017 collection, a rich make-up collection that captures all the essence of one of the most romantic cities in the world. With it’s first location in Lebanon at ABC Verdun and its second colorful brand opening in Beirut Souks, KIKO Milano’s collection is now closer to you.

The collection captures the essence of the regal Baroque city and its many delights, through makeup products that reawaken an innate sensuality, with luxurious colours ranging from elegant nudes to romantic reds, decadent blues to purples and the most spectacular deep shades.

The makeup looks are classic, skin is perfect and lips precisely defined. The gaze captures our attention with magnetic smoky eyes and deep colours. A high-performance collection where the mask, symbol of intriguing femininity, offers a new dimension to self-care, without sacrificing the intimacy of lace.

Designer Ross Lovegrove chose the colours of midnight blue and gold to represent this seductive ambiance on the products’ packaging. An homage to Venice, to its splendour and shimmer, the dreamlike glow of thousands of lights reflected in the canals.



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